English Composition I

English Composition I

3 credits

Expressing yourself through writing

In English Composition I, you will indeed learn new things and write papers. But you will gain so much more. This class will help you acquire skills that will benefit you not only in the classroom but also at home and work. You will discover ways to express yourself effectively. You will communicate your values, describe events, read critically, and argue your position. Enhancing these skills will help you in nearly every aspect of your daily life. 

What's in it for you?

Strengthen Your Writing

Don’t worry if writing isn’t your strength. This class exists to change that. Your course instructors are happy to brainstorm with you about topics, support you, and answer your questions. 

Communicate and Connect

Discover ways to express yourself effectively and communicate your values authentically. Learn how to describe events, find a deep understanding of the material you read, and argue your position.

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