About Us

Our mission is to develop the people and resources necessary to level the playing field.

Who We Are

At the heart of PROG Foundation beats an unyielding commitment to enhance lives. Through partnerships, the spirit of volunteerism, and a philanthropic spirit that uplifts communities, we are energized by serving the community.  We believe we can scale our vision by engaging with stakeholders that share our vision. With a focus on technology, education, and development, we breathe life into the boundless potential of socio-economic opportunities. Together, let’s ignite a transformation that knows no bounds.  

What We Do

Within PROG Foundation, our dedication to serve is a cornerstone of our ethos. We’ve embarked on a journey that involves people in every facet of decision-making, ensuring that our community giving resonates authentically with our deeply held values. This approach not only amplifies our impact, but also ensures a heighted responsiveness to the unique needs of communities throughout the nation and in the Greater West Valley City, Utah.

Our Story

For decades, the leaders of our organization have tirelessly championed the cause of compassion, weaving a tapestry of charitable giving and volunteerism that spans the breadth of our nation. As dawn broke on the year 2021, a new chapter unfurled with the formation of the PROG Foundation. This creation was not merely an inception, but a continuation, expansion, and deepening of the legacy forged by PROG Holdings and its affiliates. 

The inception of the Foundation was nurtured by a profound vision, one that envisaged not just a philanthropic arm, but a nexus of development and technology – of empowerment through partnership and mentorship. The hallmarks of this vision were etched in volunteer hours and cross-sector engagement that traversed the expanse initiative that resonated with the very pulse of the community. And so, the PROG Development Center emerged as one of the three endeavors of PROG Foundation.   

The PROG Development Center seeks to become a conduit for high school graduates to embrace higher education, a gateway to workplace readiness, and a springboard to enriching employment prospects. It isn't just about academics; it is about nurturing dreams, igniting passions, and kindling a fire of self-belief…with champions cheering for youth along their path. The PROG Development Center isn't just a structure; it is a safe space that whispered stories of possibilities to the young and the eager. 

Collaboration has been the heartbeat of the PROG Development Center. With each stride, it strode hand in hand with community stakeholders, breaking barriers and defying norms. Through the tapestry of community-based engagement, the threads of a youth advisory council and a steering council were woven, forming a vibrant tapestry of change-makers. The PROG Development Center is an endeavor steeped in innovation, centered in a nexus of technology, education, and governance, seeking to pave pathways of socio-economic opportunities for the Greater West Valley City's youth.

The journey ahead is envisioned to be one of mobilization and measurement, activation, and evaluation. The PROG Foundation is at the service of the community to coordinate with cross-sector partnerships, forging opportunities for young minds to ascend, while coordinating a symphony of guidance and support.  

While the PROG Foundation found sustenance primarily from the coffers of PROG Holdings, we honor the community, youth advisory council, steering council, partners, volunteers, and organizations that have provided in-kind contributions. As a result - a symphony of community support, and collaborations, composes the melody of progress. 


Our leaders are guided by the foundation’s mission to develop the people and resources necessary to level the playing field.

Debra Fiori
Debra FioriExecutive Director
    Curt Doman
    Curt DomanBoard Member
      Brian Garner
      Brian GarnerBoard Member
        Steven A. Michaels
        Steven A. MichaelsBoard Member
          Beth Martial
          Beth MartialDevelopment Center Director
          Connie Washington
          Connie WashingtonVP, People, DE&I
          Diana Martinez
          Diana MartinezCommunity Coordinator
          Franque Bains
          Franque BainsDevelopment Center Program Manager
          Aiko Johnson
          Aiko JohnsonCommunity Impact Specialist