Prog Development Center

We Value People Above All Else

The PROG Development Center brings together technology, education, community-based organizations, and government partnerships that provide the youth of the Greater West Valley City area of Utah the ability to enhance their socio-economic opportunities.

Serving an urban center of Utah, the PROG Development Center team has been engaging with the Greater West Valley City community, organizations, government, and stakeholders to enhance socio-economic opportunities that include support for high school graduation, access to higher education, linkages for workplace preparation and enriching employment opportunities, and connections to community resources. Through community-based participatory partnerships, the Greater West Valley City youth and local leaders are working across sectors to consider innovative solutions that will catalyze systemic change for the community. The PROG Development Center team is at the service of the community.

Located at 2875 South Decker Lake Drive, Ste. 150 West Valley City, Utah 84119

We know that youth are facing barriers, and through the PROG Development Center, we are committed to supporting youth to excel socio-economically through technology, education, and development-based programs while welcoming organizations and ProgPeople connections that will open new doors and opportunities for the youth in the Greater West Valley City, Utah community.

PROG Development Center Partners

Our journey is made possible by the Youth Advisory Council, strength of our partnerships and support of advocates. Together, the doors of the PROG Development Center is open to provide a collaborative network of esteemed allies. Through the convergence of technology, education, and community-based organizations, alongside the dedicated involvement of government partners, we are poised to elevate the lives of youth, turning their dreams into realities.

Our Partners Are

  • Technological innovators: your expertise and vision are guiding lights, illuminating the path of possibilities 
  • Educational champions: your commitment to knowledge is the cornerstone upon which we build brighter futures 
  • Community catalysts: your tireless efforts to empower each of our neighbors inspire us all to create change from within
  • Government allies: your support and collaboration lay the foundation for a united effort that transforms aspirations into accomplishments  

The PROG Development Center stands to service the community, and through our collective dedication, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to each partner and supporter who helps bridge the gap between dreams and achievements. Your presence ignites awareness, and your collaboration is the heartbeat of our Center.  

Special Thanks

Prog Holdings and ProgPeople 
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah 
Department of Workforce Services 
Domo For Good 
Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity
Granite School District 
Greater Salt Lake Boys & Girls Club 
Junior Achievement
Latinos In Action
Main Street Office Furniture
Pacific Islander Knowledge 2 Action Resources 
Salt Lake Community College 
Silicon Slopes 
Success In Education 
Trauma Informed Utah 
University Neighborhood Partners 
University of Utah 
Utah’s Promise: United Way of Salt Lake  
Western Governor’s University 
West Valley City 
Woodley Real Estate


Community Programs

Join one of our community programs and Discover how you can help PROG Foundation in our efforts to support and uplift our community.