Our Impact

Supporting Our Community

The PROG Foundation is committed to improving lives through partnerships, employee volunteerism, and giving that supports communities, where ProgPeople can get involved at scale, with a focus on technology, education and development that enhances socio-economic opportunity. 

Bringing People Together

At the PROG Foundation, we are dedicated to bringing awareness to technology among the upcoming generation, paving the way for promising career paths. Our commitment extends to participating in and bolstering community events, fostering meaningful connections with residents across the United States. The heart of our endeavor lies in the collective impact of selfless service, a commitment that resonates deeply with all who share our vision. 

Our Impact Continues to Grow

Initiatives and Outreach for the years 2019-2021.

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How We're Helping Our Community

Through donations, service, and volunteer work, our initiatives the last few years helped lead countless youth to overcome and succeed.

Embarking on a journey of transformation, we've been steadfast in our commitment to uplifting communities through the dynamic interplay of donations and volunteer work. As we reflect on the past years, we see a mosaic of success stories woven by the threads of technology, education, and development.
Imagine countless young minds finding their way through the digital landscape, armed with the tools to overcome obstacles and conquer aspirations. Envision education not only as a curriculum, but as a catalyst that instills the confidence to surmount socio-economic hurdles. Witness the power of development, where opportunities shapes ambitions into tangible achievements.
It's in this spirit that we invite community-based organizations to join hands with us. If your mission resonates with ours – to level inequalities, foster growth, and inspire change – we are here to support. Whether you seek financial assistance or dedicated volunteers, we're ready to collaborate on endeavors that align with our collective purpose. Together, we can bridge gaps, shatter barriers, and pave avenues towards a future where everyone has a chance to flourish.

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