Career Coach Committee

PROG Career Coach Committee Member Search

Are you ready to enhance your leadership skills and expand your professional network? We invite you to apply for a rewarding volunteer role with the PROG Development Center Career Coach Committee! 

By joining our committee, you'll have the chance to make a meaningful impact, contribute to our mission, and collaborate with other industry experts. We welcome individuals who are passionate about professional growth and eager to support others on their development journey. 

About the Role

Location: Online

Position Type: Volunteer

Time Commitment: 15-24 hours, annually

About the Organization

PROG Foundation is a 501c3 organization dedicated to developing the people and resources necessary to level the playing field. The PROG Development Center seeks to enhance socio-economic opportunity through technology, education, and development through cross-sector partnerships to youth in the Greater West Valley City. Youth engaged at the PROG Dev Center are looking to achieve their academic and professional goals and to support their aspirations. To best support PROG Dev Center participants, we have launched the Carere Coach Committee, who will support the linkage between Career Coaches and PROG Development Center individuals.

Role Summary

The Career Coach Committee is to support the PROG Development Center's coaching program by supporting a network of Career Coaches. As a committee member, your role will be to support identified career coaches as they help guide PROG Development Center individuals as they pursue their educational development and professional growth. By providing coaching support to Career Coaches, you will contribute to the mission and objectives of the PROG Foundation and meet the needs of individuals seeking enriched training, networking, and professional development opportunities – within the field of technology 

Key Responsibilities

  • Engage with individuals who will be volunteering as Career Coaches through the PROG Development Center. 
  • Provide guidance, support, and transfer of knowledge related to educational and professional goals. 
  • Assist Career Coaches foster a collaborative and respectful partnership with PROG Develpment Center staff and individuals by encouraging open communication, active listening, and the exchange of ideas.  
  • Work with the PROG Development Center team to establish realistic and actionable goals, tracking progress of the Career Coaches, and provide encouragement. 
  • Help the PROG Development Center establish and expand its professional networks by facilitating introductions, connections, and referrals within the industry. 
  • Share relevant resources with the PROG Development Center team through LinkedIn Learning, articles, and tools. 
  • Provide input and suggestions for improving the Career Coach program by looking at records of activities, progress, and outcomes to evaluate the demonstrated impact. 


  • Professional experience: significant experience with a proven track record of career growth and success.
  • Communication skills: excellent verbal and written communication, with the ability to effectively convey information, provide constructive feedback, and ability to build rapport. 
  • Empathy: ability to lead while being empathetic, understanding perspectives, and provide support and guidance based on individual needs.  
  • Organization and time management: ability to manage multiple relationships, set priorities, and meet deadlines in a proactive and organized manner.  
  • Commitment: dedication to building the process of the Career Coaching program to support the PROG Development Center achieve our mission. 


  • Serving on the Career Coach Committee exposes individuals to a wide range of experiences, backgrounds, and expertise. 
  • Committee members often come from various professional fields and have extensive networks. 
  • Being part of the Career Coach Committee allows individuals to enhance their coaching and mentoring skills. 
  • Committee members often stay updated on industry trends and changes in the job market. 
  • Serving on the Career Coach Committee provides the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on Career Coaches and PROG Dev Center participant lives. 

Application Process

To apply for this position, please click Apply Now below. Applications will be reviewed after July 14th, and select candidates will be invited to an interview. If you have any questions, please email Thank you for your interest in supporting the PROG Development Center.