Western Governors PACA Course

Jumpstart Your Pathway to Higher Education with PROG Dev Center and Western Governors University

Have you been out of a traditional school setting for some time? Looking to explore your unique pathway to obtain a higher education degree? Starting your journey through Western Governors Academy could be the right first step for you! 

Western Governors University’s Program for Academic and Career Advancement course (PACA) is a first step course for adults striving to explore their higher education options. If you've had a gap in your education, or simply need educational support before starting a program, this program is designed to help you get prepared to succeed. Credits obtained are transferrable to any program within Western Governors University. The skills gained can help you succeed at the school of your choice.   

What Students Are Saying

94% of students surveyed believe their coaching sessions are valuable to their progress. 

“PACA is helping me get where I want to go. This class shows me that I am not alone.” 

“I would just be going into this new adventure without guidance if I didn’t have PACA. The course helps me stay motivated and on track.” 

About PACA

During this course, you will learn tools to help you build positive relationships at home, work, and school. As you strengthen your skills and apply them to your life, you will reflect on your progress. 

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Develop meaningful goals through an increased value of learning and internal motivation to achieve personal and professional pursuits. 
  2. Identify foundational elements of communication theory and understand how it impacts one’s own personal and professional relationships.
  3. Describe the role of empathy, listening skills, and self-awareness in managing one’s own emotions.
  4. Identify strategies to reduce and manage conflict and improve interpersonal skills through the application of appropriate communication theory.
  5. Describe self-monitoring and self-regulated learning to manage beliefs, thoughts, and emotions during decision-making.
  6. Describe the concept of a thriving mindset by integrating the role of self-reflection, self-efficacy, resilience, mindfulness, and interpersonal skills.
  7. Describe how sociocultural environments shape self-identity, interpersonal communication, and learning opportunities.

Why PACA + 1

PACA is designed to be taken alongside another Western Governors Academy course to help you apply the sills you are gaining to a learning setting. Take WGU Academy's Program of Academic and Career Advancement course (PACA) alongside on of the following courses:

Courses That Can Be Completed at Your Own Pace

You set your own pace, although we strongly encourage a steady, consistent effort. As soon as you enroll, you can begin work on the first course in your Academy program. You'll mostly study on your own, but you'll also have access to specialized course tutors when you need personalized help. And you decide when you're ready to tackle the assessments (tests, papers, etc.) based upon your study experience and readiness. This is essentially the same competency-based approach that WGU is known for. It means you can be very efficient—the faster you complete each course, the faster you will finish your Academy program and be eligible for enrollment into WGU. It's really a simple formula: More effort = faster pace. 

When Are Scholarships Disbursed?

This scholarship offer runs through June 30th, 2024 with two enrollment periods: 

  • Winter applications are due Mon January 15th, and awards are announced Wednesday February 14th 
  • Summer applications are due Monday April 8th, and awards are announced Wednesday May 8th

What We're Offering

A full scholarship to take WGU Academy’s PACA course plus an academy course of your choosing. Scholarship covers the standard time to complete the course which is 90 days. Students who take longer can continue to complete the course at WGU’s standard costs.